Herbs and Fruits to Help You Sleep Naturally

Herbs and Fruits to Help you Sleep Naturally from Organic Gurlz Gardens Fort Wayne IndianaHi There, Fellow Gardeners!

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Today, Organic Gurlz Gardens of Fort Wayne, IN will be sharing information about Herbs and Fruits to Help You Sleep Naturally.

Many have the issue of falling asleep in the P.M. to A.M. hours. While some think there aren’t any, we at Organic Gurlz Gardens have mustered up a few down-to-the-earth (literally) natural solutions.

A little about a common sleeping disorder:

Insomnia is one of the most generic sleeping disorders in the world. In fact, 95 percent of older adults have a challenge sleeping through the night. Millions of people end up coping with the condition at some point in their lives; sometimes, it is prompted by amplified amounts of stress.

Cherry Tomatoes as a natural sleep aid - Organic Gurlz GardensTomatoes:

Even though cherry tomatoes are tiny, they pack a big punch (in a good way). In several independent studies, cherry tomatoes have been shown to carry soothing properties in addition to their vibrant hue and delicious flavor. So eat a few tomatoes before jumping under the covers and get ready – you may be able to fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer.


‘What on earth is Mugwort?’ you may be wondering. Well, we at Organic Gurlz Gardens have found an accurate description of the plant:

Mugwort as a natural sleep aid - Organic Gurlz Gardens“”Mugwort is known as “Molush” by the Chumash Indians of California, and its Paiute name translates literally to ‘Dream Plant’. It’s often smoked in indigenous ceremonies, and interestingly, is also hailed by various tribes for its power to ward off evil, bad spirits, and disease.”” — The Sacred Science

While it carries an interestingly weird name, Mugwort is right by tomatoes for falling and staying asleep.

Asparagus root:

Fresh Asparagus - Organic Gurlz Gardens Fort Wayne IndianaAsparagus root is thought in several different cultures to bring delightful dreams when one slumbers. While it is often debated if this statement is true, Asparagus root has been shown to relive hypertension and inflammation while also helping lower one blood sugar levels. In addition, many use the root to ease the pain of nausea and assist in strengthening the immune system.

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