Heated Floor Options

Heated Floor Options

Heated Floor Options by the Design Build PlannersDepending on the location and size of your building you can choose from a variety of heated floor options to suit your needs. It is much comfortable to live and work in a warm environment. We absorb the cold from our floors through our feet since most buildings with concrete floor are poor conductors of heat. Due to this and many other reasons many companies have emerged to manufacture heated floor options.

The size of your house and relative temperature of your region will determine the option that will best fit you both financially and effectiveness. Using an electric floor mat will cost much less compared to other options. It is ideal for residential houses its cost is not high. It is installed under the tile so as to get rid of the uprising cold temperatures from underground, creating a warm and comfortable environment. To reduce further costs of installation it is best to install during construction new house or renovating old ones and done by the specialists who have clear knowledge on how the whole thing should be. When hiring the person to install be sure his work and reputation is of the best.

For the large buildings having a large floor the best option to employ is the hydronic floor heat system. Just as from the name, “hydro”, the whole system is dependent on water. It can cost you a lot to purchase and install this system as you will need a boiler and a pumping source such as oil-filled boiler, kerosene, gas or solar water boiler. During installation you can choose on either dry installation method in which you place the tube under the tiles, or other subfloor materials where they pick the heat from the tubes directly. The other option is the wet installation method where the pipes are fit under a concrete or slab floor. The system has one main pipe the carries water from the boiler and breaks into many tubes that supply it to other parts of the house. It requires minimum maintenance practices; you only do a check-up in a year time. It becomes more expensive when it breaks since you will pay the same as you installed to replace another part in the system.

There are times when you wish to miss a shower because the water is cold especially on cold conditions. Cold water never gives a comfortable shower time and because of that there is existence of the hot water tubing. This is to make you bath time worth enjoying and comfortable just as you would wish for. There are many other different ways to heat your bathing water using the hot water tubing system such as insulating the pipes, using pipes that are black in color so as to absorb the solar heat. Through this mechanism you can save a lot of energy thereby saving on costs.

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