Heat Lamp for Bathroom Remodeling

Heat Lamp for Bathroom Remodeling

Heat Lamp for Your Bathroom-Design Build PlannersEveryone knows how daunting getting into and out of the shower can be in the cold winter months when you feel like your hair is going to freeze into icicles if you do not immediately dry it. A great way to get around this and start the morning off feeling relaxed, warm, and at ease is by installing heat lamps in your bathroom. A bathroom heat lamp is an excellent idea if you are doing a remodel, or even if you are just making a few small changes. Not only will it help you and your family be more comfortable, if will raise the value of your house, as it is one of those little luxuries that makes a huge difference in daily life.

Installing infra-red heating is a great way to assure that the heat is even, so that you do not find yourself too cold in one part of your bathroom, but too hot in another. You can even install an infra-red heat lamp for your towel rack, so your morning shower experience is exceptional from the start to finish. Compared to a heat fan or a heat vent, infra-red heating is a better option, as even the warmest blowing air can seem chilly when you are wet. The other nice thing about heat lamps is that they do not create any additional noise as they are generally silent.

Some people have the impression that heat-lamps are dated, passé, and ugly. It’s true that the first thing you think of when you think of heat lamps is that fluorescent ones that hang from the ceiling and cast an eerie glow all over the bathroom. Luckily heat lamps have evolved over the years, and they are now clean, modern, and don’t make you feel like you are in a strip club. Now you can enjoy the constant warmth of a heat lamp without feeling like you have a bathroom straight out of the 80s. These days, they are just regular lights that provide extra heat to your bathroom. The new models are relatively energy efficient, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with a huge electricity bill because of them. Although you should make an effort to turn off the heat lamps when you aren’t using them, as they are designed to be used on a need-only basis, not to be left on all the time. In any case, infra-red heat is instant, so you don’t need to worry about the time it takes to heat up.

One potential feature to look for is a lamp that has an automatic cut-off, so that if it gets too hot in the room you do not waste energy or potentially damage the heating unit.

Overall, installing a heat lamp in your bathroom is relatively cheap, not difficult to install, and will last you about five years as they are designed to withstand humidity. If you want to feel more comfortable when exciting your shower or bath or if you want to raise the value of your home, an infra-red heater is an excellent choice.


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