Health Benefits of an Open Concept Home

AnnahMarie of Organic Gurlz Gardens Fort Wayne, IndianaHi There, Fellow Gardeners!

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Today, Organic Gurlz Gardens of Indiana will be sharing information on Health Benefits of an Open Concept Home.

Stress/anxiety reducing-

Watchung NJ Kitchen Remodeling - Design Build PlannersBeing in a free space/open concept can help with feelings of claustrophobia, which may sooth stress. Also, if you have small infants or toddlers, being able to see them directly can relieve the stress of moving back and forth while focusing on your own project.

More light:

Having an open concept home can bring more light into the room for there are no barriers to block the sun’s rays from windows or indoor lights. This may help battle depression, and aid your pocketbook.

** Tip from Organic Gurlz Gardens – The more windows, the better. The reasoning? The more cost-efficient the home is. In addition, virtually anywhere you have a windowsill, (with a window, of course) you can place a plant. **

Miniature terra cotta pots with seedlings sprouting add liveliness to the home – and a great topic for conversation.

Air flow:

Open floor plan - NJ design build remodeling (3)The temperature of a home is about as important as the light allowed in! With the same idea of light in the home, with an open-concept, the air in the home can move around quicker, saving money (and blankets).


Yes, the more a home is un-cluttered, the healthier and less you may eat. Referring back to the stress reducing sections, an open area can encourage a healthier diet, certain studies show. So relax in your free flowing home and eat right!


Being in a disorderly environment can cause your body to feel tired. Don’t let your body lag because of cramped space! Open-concept produces a more energetic movement, causing the body to act less constrained, therefore making you happier and peppy!

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