Hanging Pot Rack for Your Kitchen

Hanging Pot Rack for Your Kitchen

hanging pot rack ~ Design Build Planners (1)Hanging pot racks are a great idea for kitchens, especially those kitchens that may not have a lot of cabinet space, or for people who want to reduce the clutter in those cabinets. It can also clear out space in your cabinets to place appliances and specialty items that you use for entertaining. Additionally, it can provide a very aesthetically pleasing focal point in your kitchen. You may see it on televisions in fancy kitchens, the hanging pots that seem incredibly shiny, and you may have been inspired to add one into your kitchen.

There are some important things to remember when putting a hanging pot rack in your kitchen. The first consideration, and probably the biggest consideration, is that you do not want to hang dirty or the cookware is just generally unsightly. This can take away the visual appeal that you were looking for in the pot rack.

Some hanging pot racks can be intrusive in your kitchen space. If you place a pot rack in the way of the natural light or the only light sources in the kitchen, it can make the space darker than it is. They will block the light sources, and it will darken the area unless you add a light source into your pot rack.

hanging pot rack ~ Design Build Planners (2)There is also the risk of taking away from another beautiful focal point in your kitchen. If you have an ornate and expensive piece in your kitchen, such as a fancy range hood that you have previously purchased. A nice hanging pot rack can take this attention away from your range hood or fancy artwork. You want to make sure that you don’t block any other artistic piece if you add this rack into your kitchen.

Another bad idea is hanging cookware that you may not use very often. While this may seem like a good idea to only have “decorative” cookware, it may not be as good as you think. They can collect dust and need to be cleaned often if you are looking to get that “fancy chef kitchen” look. This can be tedious to just clean pots to look nice on a rack. Use cookware that isn’t burned on the bottom or otherwise stained.

A big “don’t” when it comes to hanging pot racks is to place them above cooking surfaces. There should only be a vent located above cooking surfaces, for safety reasons. Additionally, your cookware would get greasy from being located there, which would be a constant struggle to clean. While it does make sense to keep them there, as it puts your cookware nearby as needed, it really isn’t worth the constant need for cleaning.

hanging pot rack ~ Design Build Planners (3)Finally, hanging pot racks should not be hung too high. The perfect height would be a place where you only need to stretch a little to reach while it isn’t in the way of people walking underneath it. If you need a chair or stepladder to reach the pots, then it is taking away from the convenience of having the hanging pot rack.

While they are an incredible decorative piece to have, hanging pots racks are not for everyone. They can add charm and character to a kitchen, while saving your kitchen space for other things. This is a great item to consider for your house.

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