Hands Free Fixtures and Appliances

hands-free faucetHands Free Fixtures and Appliances

Movies that predicted the future promised robots that did our every task, hover boards, flying cars, and so much more. The future is here and are we disappointed? No we are not, not in the face of all these amazing inventions being created every minute. Hands free doesn’t just pertain to your attendance of a phone call anymore. Have you thought of having a hands free house?

Modern Family TV showIf you’re a fan of Modern Family, you have seen the episode where the technology-obsessed Phil Dunphy wire his whole house to an IPad in minutes, after his wife Clare left the house. He watched his beloved Bulldogs play their game, all the while doing the dishes, just with a press of a button on his Ipad.

How can we be disappointed with this kid of futuristic technology? We should be adapting to our time and including it in our own homes. The following are three things that can not only elevate the technological sophistication of your home, but can also save you money in the long run… in ways you wouldn’t even have considered.

Hands free toilet flushing just makes sense. Not only in homes, but everywhere. The amount of germs attached to that little handle are too many to even think about. Especially your place of business — definitely an attractive feature, and going to the bathroom in public doesn’t become a life-defying adventure anymore.

The same logic can be applied towards hands free faucets. Just thinking of the many times people touch them in the bathroom, without tissues. The high amount of germs, and the variety, is a rather disgusting thought.

Another hands free appliance is the Miele Knock to Open Dish Washer. You knock twice on it to open it. This is cooler than lamps that turn on and off via clapping. But for that super futuristic touch, this dishwasher is a must.

There are certainly some very high tech appliances out there that can definitely take your home and standard of living to the next level.


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