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Berkeley Heights, NJ bathroom remodeling - Design Build PlannersRemodeling prices have the consistency of the weather . Meaning that “estimates” will vary with a range of highs and lows. A friend of mine on Facebook recently received quotes for a small home service. The three estimates were $4,000, $975, and $450. My comment was that the guy at $4,000 was probably sub-contracting to the $975 who in turn was hiring the $450 guy to actually do the work. While I added an “LOL” at the end, this scenario of wide range of remodeling prices is generally a result of companies quoting on different work and then not explaining where the differences in materials, labor, and overall customer service may be.

Over and above this problem, is a large misconception of remodeling prices on very similar projects.  The best illustration of this is the typical hall bathroom remodel. I am not referring to a simple makeover or a one day bath system. I am talking about a full demolition and rebuild of a standard 5′ x 8′ to 6′ x 9′ three fixture bathroom. The three fixtures refer to a toilet, sink, and a tub or shower (or a tub and shower combination). History of actual New Jersey remodeling projects produced suggest that the investment including materials, showroom selection items, professional labor, and full management ranges from approximately $18,000 to $30,000. The major differences being the amounts of the showroom selection items such as tile, toilet, sink, vanity, countertop, tub, faucets, shower head assembly, and lights.

Bathrooms and various other projects can be reviewed here: Estimated Remodeling Project Investment Costs.

For this instance, let’s say that the average hall bathroom price in NJ is $25,000. As I already stated, this typical bathroom exists in most of the homes that Design Build Planners visits. If two similar four bedroom, two bath houses (same size and age) are located in two different towns in New Jersey, it would not be unusual if one home was valued at $250,000 and the other was $500,000 simply based on the affluence of the town or neighborhood.

Hall bathroom design build remodeling in NJ - Design Build Planners (1)The owners in the more upscale towns are generally concerned that contractors will increase their prices based on a zip code. Homeowners in modest towns feel the investment is too high for their neighborhood. While Design Build Planners can not speak for all contractors, it can be stated that among the DBP Remodelers Network a 2 x 4 and a sheet of drywall installed is the same cost for each town in New Jersey. What will vary is showroom selections based on the owners taste and style preference, the scope of work, and possible electrical and plumbing situations as well as other house conditions and access.

The $25,000 hall bathroom remodel for the $250,000 home represents 10% of the total home value. The same project and investment for the $500,000 home is only 5% of the existing home value. Platforms like Houzz and HGTV will excite many homeowners about potential bathroom remodeling designs. In that basic hall bathroom there is only so much that can be done before considering possible wall removals and other construction. Design Build Planners finds that most homeowners want very nice products and features, but the final decision will come done to many personal considerations including budget. Understanding that, Design Build Planners has developed a unique project design and development process to help make style and budget decisions up front to be well informed and prepared for that actual remodel.

Here are some examples three fixture bathroom design build remodeling projects:

Monmouth beach, NJ bathroom remodeling - Design Build Planners     Hall bathroom design build remodeling in NJ - Design Build Planners (2)     Hall bathroom design build remodeling in NJ - Design Build Planners (3)

Hall bathroom design build remodeling in NJ - Design Build Planners (4)     Hall bathroom design build remodeling in NJ - Design Build Planners (5)     Hall bathroom design build remodeling in NJ - Design Build Planners (6)

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