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Organic Herbs ~ Organic Garden Gurlz Fort Wayne IndianaImportance of growing organic herbs

There are many reasons why we at Organic Gurl’z Gardens, believe you should consider growing organic herbs at home, as opposed to purchasing your herbs only from a local certified organic growers.  Easily the number one, most commonly cited, reason for using locally grown organic herbs is the health and safety of our families.  

We eat and enjoy the flavor, as well as the many health benefits, derived from herbs.  But we don’t often consider the source of herbs we purchase in the marketplace.  Oftentimes, because we live in the United States, where there are many regulations to assure the quality and safety of the products we buy, we mistakenly assume that these products are good for us.  The fact is, not only are there few regulations concerning the use of harmful chemicals for herbs raised in the United States, many of the herbs sold in our groceries and markets are imported from other countries that have little or no restrictions on the use of dangerous chemicals.  Not only that, but the containers used to ship those herbs to our markets may contain additional hazards.  We don’t really know what’s inside of these containers, but we do know that there could be several different chemicals used in their manufacture as well.  Even with locally grown herbs, it is unknown how the herbs were matured, unless grown in a certified organic herb farm.

Organic Herbs ~ Organic Garden Gurlz Fort Wayne Indiana (3)When purchasing herbs for planting, fresh or dried herbs, or herb seasoning, make sure that they’re coming from a company that uses plants that are organically grown.  This ensures that what you ingest is healthy and safe for you and your family.  Organically grown herbs taste better and are more nutritious, not only because they lack dangerous synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, but also because they are typically grown in soil which is mineral rich and nutrient dense, making them the healthiest possible source of food for you and your family.  Organic gardeners depend on natural soil amendments, nature’s own fertilizers found in the environment and natural biological processes for success in the garden.  This natural organic matter is beneficial to soil structure, and helps the soil support abundant, healthy plant life.  Healthy soil leads to healthy plants, which in turn, leads to healthy foods.

Additionally, organically grown products are helpful, rather than harmful, to our water, our soil, our family, our pets, and even the wildlife which frequents our yards.  The absence of synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides in organic gardens make them safer places for wildlife to forage, for us to relax and become more immersed in nature, and for our children and pets to play.

Organic Herbs ~ Organic Garden Gurlz Fort Wayne IndianaAs if that weren’t enough, for the more frugal and practical among us, many easy, safe organic remedies for pests and weeds rely on recycled materials, naturally available remedies, common, safe household products, and homemade sprays, making organic herb gardens often cheaper and more financially beneficial to maintain.  Eating well doesn’t have to come at a high price.

We, at Organic Gurl’z Gardens, plant herbs in our gardens using only organic plants and seeds.  This is important, because we don’t just stand by our products, but like you, we are putting the herbs and seasoning into our own bodies.  Like you, we want to eat healthy in order to stay healthy!

Remember, for your own garden, it is so easy, healthy, wealthy and wise, to grow organically!
Want to learn more?  Stay tuned for more thoughts from the Organic Gurl’z Gardens of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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