Grab Bars for Your Bathroom

Grab Bars for Your Bathroom

Secure grab bars for bathroom remodeling ~ Design Build PlannersAs we get older, we want to maintain our independence. Many people dread becoming a senior citizen because they are afraid that they will have to move out of their own home and into a nursing home where they will be cared for all the time. This takes away from independence significantly, but there are things that can be done within a home to help you stay at home longer. Elderly people and those with special needs are most commonly known for slipping in the bathroom, either when bathing, showering or using the toilet but by installing grab bars, you can prevent injury by universal design. Grab bars are easy to install, convenient and can protect your safety in a handicap accessible bathroom.

As you probably already know, grab bars for the elderly and those with special needs are made from metal, have a universal design and are secured in various locations around the bathroom. They do not take much to install, just some screws to hold them in place. You will see grab bars get placed in the bathtub, to help a person pull themselves up from a sitting position after a soak. They will be located on the side of the tub, as well as the front and on the outside, to hold onto while you exit the tub. There are also grab bars that are placed in the proper locations for standing and holding yourself while you wash. Another place that grab bars are completely necessary is near the toilet, so that you will be able to get up easier after using the bathroom.

You can have grab bars installed in your bathroom quickly and easily. You will just need to decide where you want to put the bars and mark the locations. The only tools you will need to secure the grab bars are a hammer, a level, a drill, and drill bits. Anchoring them to studs in your wall will make them extra secure. It is important to be sure that the grab bars will be in the right places, and you can check online to see where it is recommended to place them. You’ll want to use long bars as well as shorter bars, depending on where you are putting them.

Grab bars can allow the elderly to take a safe bath without needing a trip to the emergency room after sustaining a fall. Grab bars are affordable, easy and can help regain independence as well. Check at your local home improvement store and install them today to make sure that bath time is safe and enjoyable for you, no matter how old you may be!


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