Glass Front Appliances in the Kitchen

glass front appliances - Design Build Planners (2)Glass Front Appliances in the Kitchen

Glass-front appliances seem to be the next biggest trend in kitchen decoration. Some of them are fairly modest and cheap, but there are also some glass-front refrigerators that cover an entire wall, which can be quite breathtaking, even for the most jaded designer.

glass front appliances - Design Build Planners (1)Easy to Integrate in Any Design

Glass front appliances are surprisingly easy to fit into anything you plan to do with your kitchen. Glass is a modest material, which allows others to shine around it. You can built a modern kitchen, of bright light and sharp edges, or a warm and cozy one, with earth colors and materials – glass will fit both, since it’s one of the most versatile materials: close enough to nature to fit a rustic design (after all, rustic homes have widows, don’t they?), but modern enough to make you think of skyscrapers and rockets, if you select it in certain combinations.

Exceptional Attention to Details

There was a time when bigger meant better for kitchen appliances, but now that’s over. It’s time for a sleeker, integrated look, where details matter more than sheer power and size. After all, the features are pretty much the same across most of the appliances available on the market today – so it’s the looks that make the difference. Colored glass is easy to integrate into a complex decoration scheme, and you can even consider getting custom casings for certain appliances – with a color of your choosing.

glass front appliances - Design Build Planners (3)Less Maintenance Work than You’d Expect

People tend to believe that glass is a very high-maintenance material, but that’s not actually the case. In fact, when it covers large surfaces, glass is a lot easier to clean than stainless steel – which is famous magnet for fingerprint, for example, or acrylic, which scratches so easily. Glass simply looks glamorous and fancy – but it’s actually sturdy and easy to wash, and not too prone to accidents (it’s not one thin sheet of glass, of course – we’re talking industrial strength here, for some appliances).

A Fresh Look for an Old Room

Perhaps the best thing about glass front appliances is that they’re relatively uncommon today. They might catch on and become the next best thing, or they might remain somewhat original and off the beaten path – for now, however, they are sure to catch the eye of whoever sees your kitchen. Considering how few things you can do that haven’t already been tried in the kitchen remodeling business, that makes them worth considering for your next project.

A Better, Healthier Lifestyle

Are you the type of person who grabs a bag of chips, conveniently forgetting that the refrigerator is packed with fresh vegetables? Well, now you don’t have any excuses anymore – with a glass-front refrigerator, you can see exactly what food you have. This also means it’s easier to get your shopping list ready within minutes, or to plan the next mean. And, with the glass-front oven, you can watch your baking goods and decide when they’re ready based on the aspect, not just the time from the recipe. Overall, this is a style that suits any person who likes cooking and spending time in the kitchen – convenient, yet classy.


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