Glass Blocks for Your Bathroom Remodel

Using Glass Block in Bathroom Remodeling

Glass block for bathroom remodeling ~ Design Build Planners (1)Your home is your pride and joy so you always want to be sure that you take care of it and do what you need to do when it is time to remodel it. Remodeling can make a great and beautiful difference in your home and can increase your home’s value as well. The bathroom is a great place to remodel because there is literally so much that you can do with it and so many beautiful fixtures, bathtubs, sinks and showers that you can purchase. If you just want a little bit of privacy in your bathroom, along with some added elegance, you may be considering using glass blocks to surround your tub or shower. Glass blocks are beautiful, affordable and can really transform your bathroom.

Glass block for bathroom remodeling ~ Design Build Planners (2)You will see that there are really so many different ways that you can use glass blocks when you are doing bathroom remodeling. Glass blocks can make for a perfect window if you just want to let some light shine into your bathroom without allowing people to look into your windows. Glass blocks are also beautiful when used to enclose a shower or a bathtub. This is a great way for you to create a doorless shower with plenty of privacy and style all at the same time. You can use clear glass blocks when enclosing your bathtub or shower, or you can opt to throw some colored glass blocks in as well for a pop of color. You will find that the glass blocks are easy to use because you will only need grout to hold them together.

Glass blocks are also great for enclosing tubs and showers. The glass blocks can help to prevent the water from exiting the shower and making a mess all over the floor. You will see that this will prevent you from needing to enclose your shower with a pre-made shower door and walls. It looks beautiful and can add elegance to your bathroom quickly and easily.

Glass block for bathroom remodeling ~ Design Build Planners (3)Adding glass blocks into your bathroom can provide you with the elegance and style you desire while helping to enclose your tub or shower, or acting as a window. Glass blocks are easy, affordable and can add a classy, modern flair when you are remodeling your bathroom. There are a plethora of colors available. Head out to your local home improvement store today and check out the beautiful glass blocks that are available for your home. You will be glad that you added the glass blocks and you will see that the value of your home will increase.


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