Glamping – Luxury Camping

What immediately comes to your mind if you hear that someone is about to embark on a camping trip? Most people will conjure up images of small tents, lanterns, campfires with marshmallows, and limited amenities.

However, a new trend that is surging in popularity is “glamping”. This term is used to describe a luxurious camping experience. It features the same escape from the modern hustle and bustle component, however with an eye towards a luxurious hotel esque experience.


Partaking in glamping allows travelers to connect with the outdoors but still experience a less “primal” environment. Glamping tents are much larger than what you what associate with a standard camping tent. It is not uncommon to see a glamping tent that can accommodate a king size bed with a small bathroom. Some even have grandiose decks leading into the tent.

This type of accommodation is becoming most popular at musical festivals. This is a market that will typically pay for the luxury experience. Seemingly, if most “family” units are going camping; they tend to choose the more traditional, authentic experience.

Which option would YOU choose? Glamping or camping?











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