Garage Door Styles and Options

Garage Door Styles and Options

New Jersey home additions and exterior remodeling from the Design Build Planners contractor network (5)Your garage is a focal point in your home mostly because it is on the front part of the building; this means that most of your visitors will get to see your garage. It is thus important to put a touch of style and elegance to your garage door to make it appealing and attractive. The right garage door no matter how expensive will pay you back 84% of your investment according to studies.

There are mainly four types of garage doors based on the way the door is set to open; these are swing up, slide sideways, roll up or swing out garage doors. They may also be categorized based on the material; wood garage doors, metal garage doors or based on the design and the enhancements where we have carriage doors and insulated doors among others. The roll up door is by far the most common in many garages nowadays. The others give a distinctive look to your garage door and keeps the ceiling free. Roll up doors however, will require a large space between the ceiling and the top of the garage door. You should ensure that you measure this before buying the door. If space is not enough, you may consider other garage doors.

How do you choose the best garage door style?

New Jersey home additions and exterior remodeling from the Design Build Planners contractor network (31)The type of garage door you choose depends to a large extent on the style of your house and your tastes and preferences. There are houses such as Craftsman bungalow that will require swing-out doors while others require roll-up doors. Panels and trims are among the common features of both the modern and the traditional doors. However, you may need to select a door with glass panels that look appealing or select the roll-up doors with toughened glass or strong plastic that gives a great and modern touch to your garage.

Garage door materials

Wood garage doors

This are by far the most appealing and authentic doors that other materials have tried to imitate in vain. Their prices are dictated by the type of wood and their size. They are made locally and in custom sizes. They however require refinishing and frequent painting to maintain their aesthetics.

Metal garage doors

Metal is an appropriate material for those who do not like carrying out frequent maintenance. You should choose that which does not rust to ensure durability and ease maintenance. Steel and aluminum are the most common types of metal used for garages. Steel is preferred over aluminum as it is steady though expensive.

Insulated garage doors

siding (46)Insulated garage doors are more durable and gives the outside a finished great look. It however does not save on energy unless the whole house is insulated. You should insulate the shared wall and leave the indoor-outdoor ends more so if you park your car or store chemicals in your garage. Carriage doors are also very common and may also be insulated. This uses a conveyance system to make the opening easy.

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