Game Rooms, Pool Tables and Room Sizes

Homeowner requests for game rooms in newly built space and existing room remodeling is on the rise again. Game rooms can be the center of many potential activities: poker, darts, video games…etc. The most desired item is a pool table. An important early consideration should be table size and adequate room size. A “regulation” pool table is 4.5′ wide and 9′ long. Many styles are available, typically in six inch increments, and a smaller, but common size is 3.5′ by 7′.

Here is a pool table view in a Monmouth County, New Jersey basement renovation project completed by Mark of Excellence Remodeling.
For calculating a comfortable room size for a particular pool table know that a standard cue is approximately 58″ long. Double that length and add to the width and length of the table to determine an ideal room to table scenario. Therefore, the standard 4.5′ x 9′ pool table should be in a room that is at least 14’1″ x 18’6″. The smaller 3.5′ x 7′ table could be placed in 13’1″ x 16’1″ room.

Having experienced greatly entertaining times at gatherings in many home game rooms, I recognize that these sizes are far from mandatory for casual play and fun. Although, smaller than recommend sizes will require shorter cues for some shots and will place will finishes in jeopardy. As a good look and potential damage control, you may consider a wall panel on the lower section of the walls. Also, the Design Build Planners have designed projects with an extended, protruding chair rail which can double as a temporary drink ledge.

Below are few pool tables in various rooms and settings from We just may contact each owner looking for our invite to their next party!

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