Outdoor Kitchen and Patio Living Space with Fireplace and Pool House

Back to GalleryThis New Jersey homeowner is looking to make her outdoor entertaining area more functional, with a touch of WOW. The outdoor kitchen will feature a grill, side burners, exhaust hood, sink, dishwasher, refrigerators, and plenty of storage in the stainless steel cabinetry with granite countertops. The area will be covered with a solid roof portico overhang. The columns and walls will be covered with stone. The ceiling is to be covered with stained cedar planks with recessed lighting and ceiling fans. Sheer, netted curtains will cover the openings as desired. The patio area will feature a custom wood-burning fireplace and a pool house with a bathroom facility.

The project design and development was by the Design Build Planners. ProSkill, a DBP Preferred Remodeler, will build the project. Follow along with the progress as we complete this fun project!

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