Master Suite Addition Plus Garage, Game Room, and Exterior Makeover

Large design and build remodeling project in Union County, NJ was designed to help this family grow in comfort, in their neighborhood, while giving the parents a sanctuary in their own home.

This Monmouth County home was severely damaged by flooding with Superstorm Sandy. The home, situated just off the Shrewsbury River, has a fabulous view. The planned renovation involves rebuilding the 1st floor living space at a 6′ higher elevation. The new space is designed to suit the wants and needs of the homeowners. The major desire is to have a space to entertain and enjoy the location and view. Would you enjoy having or being invited to party at this new, re-designed home?
The project design and development was by the Design Build Planners.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Computer design of planned addition and renovation   Exterior and addition ~ Design Build Planners (1)

Exterior and addition ~ Design Build Planners (2)   Exterior and addition ~ Design Build Planners (3)   Exterior and addition ~ Design Build Planners (4)


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