Contemporary Bathroom Remodel in Monmouth County

This Monmouth County, New Jersey homeowners wanted to turn their bathroom into a spa like retreat.

The homeowners wanted a separate tub and shower, but even the expanded space did not leave enough room to accomplish that.  Instead, they were givenboth in one area by using a frameless door to enclose a portion of the tub/shower area and a knee wall at the far end.  The area is both open and functional.  Secondly, the client wanted an interesting tile pattern to compliment the deep colors of the vanity.  An irredesent green glass tile was used, with a coordinating vertical mixed-mesh glass tile to give the illusion of rain in the shower.  An onyx mosaic tile in the arch and soffit above the vanity unit ties both areas of the bathroom together

The project design and development was by the Design Build Planners.

CAD Design (1)   CAD Design (2)   SONY DSC



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