Add-a-Level Addition Design Ideas and Options

These designs are why you cannot use a square foot price when planning a remodeling project. These two options are similar in square footage, add a 2-story entry with new stairs, 2 bedrooms and a master suite, a hall bath, a washer/dryer on the second floor, a new portico and door location, and new siding/roofing. Do you think they are have the same cost? There is also a third version not depicted, where everything listed is included, but in 275 less sq ft. Although it includes everything, it does not compare to these.

The project design and development was by the Design Build Planners.

Plan 1 Overview   Plan 1 Front   Plan 1 Rear

Plan 1 Master Bathroom   Plan 1 Master Bedroom   Plan 1 Entry

Plan 2 Overview   Plan 2 Front   Plan 2 Rear

Plan 2 Master Bedroom   Plan 2 Master Bathroom   Plan 2 Entry

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