Front Entry Portico Overhang

With regard to remodeling and homes, the first impression is usually attributed to the front entry door. As an extension of the door, a lasting impression can also be made by outside are around the door. A common project request homeowner request to the Design Build Planners is a portico overhang. Whether that request is a single remodeling project or a component of a larger design build remodeling project, a front entry portico can dramatically enhance the curb appeal of home.

Front entry portico overhang (6)A front entry portico offers a practical purpose in keeping the elements away from the doors. Anyone reading this that has fumbled to find their door key during a pouring rain is probably nodding their heads. Aesthetically, a portico frames and highlights the entry way. The shape can give a long front flat wall depth and height. It can also break up long run of a straight roof line. Structural columns, which can be made of wood, fiberglass, aluminum, or stone, add character and also frame the entry door. The portico can be two-stories high adding to the impact of the columns.

Front porch design build remodeling in New JerseyPortico ceilings can be flat, vaulted or barreled. A barreled ceiling is more difficult to build but provides a curve to soften up all the straight lines on the house. An entry portico extended from the front door area can become an elegant porch. Typically the door area will have a peaked, gable roof and the extended part will have a shed roof overhang as pictured here.

Porticos are not limited to the front. They can be done as an overhang to provide comfort and protection from the sun.

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