Fresh Air Skylights from Velux

Fresh Air Skylights from Velux

Fresh Air Skylights From Velux (1)When you buy a home, you may find that there is no open lighting in many of the living areas. Your ceiling and roof may not have any sort of openings, and that’s fine. Millions of people have a dream home that has no sort of skylight, or anything of that nature. However, if you want to install this after the fact, and you want to look at the night sky or you just want to have an extra ventilation source, you’ll find that adding a nice skylight can be something worth looking into.

The Modern Solution

When you first start cycling through options, you’ll find that there are a lot of entry level options that are adequate, and can be installed nicely. However, if you want something that’s a step up from the traditional, you’ll want to look into a solar powered skylight. Velux has introduced a new solution that will completely change the way that you look at lighting today, and for the future. The changeover is really a matter of implementing modern design flow with the latest in technologies.

Ultimate Control

Fresh Air Skylights From Velux (2)First, take a note on the traditional. When you install a venting skylight, or anything that is in the basic implementation solution, you will find that you can’t really control things without getting a ladder and trying to open it. In many cases you can’t open anything and they are just for viewing, and lighting.

That’s where Velux made a change. Today, you can have a complete remote control for skylight solutions you purchase, and you can get a rain sensor that will close any open light option, and you will find that it’s completely water proof. You will not have to worry about rain, snow, or anything, and if you want to open things up, a simple button press will allow you to gain leverage without having to pull out a ladder and manually do anything.

Let The Light In

Fresh Air Skylights From Velux (3)When exploring solutions for your home’s lighting, you may find that adding a solar powered fresh air skylight will provide incredible lighting, and with shade solutions integrated in many options, you may very well see that the future is not far off, it’s right now. Combined with the Velux flashing, you will find that your battery operated control system will last a long time, and will provide much needed lighting, ventilation and more throughout any area that you want. It’s not a complicated endeavor, and it’s far more cost effective than you may realize.

Your dream home can become so much more incredible, and all it takes is for an opening to look into the skies. That’s the real allure of adding one of these options to any room. Imagine the stars being within reach, and you’ll see that this is not just something to illuminate rooms, it’s to create wonder.

Technical information courtesy of Velux.

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