French Provincial Style Home

Architecture: French Provincial Style Home

French Provincial Style Home ~ Design Build Planners (1)American soldiers that were serving in Europe during World War I liked the houses in the French countryside. There was a postwar housing boom. During this boom, French Provincial Style Homes began popping up throughout the suburbs in the United States. The design originated in the mid-1600’s. It became popular once again in the 1920’s then again in the 1960’s.

Many of the characteristics of these homes are different than other older homes. They are designed with symmetry and balance, unlike many older homes that have an asymmetrical layout. The exterior of the home is usually brick. They tend to have steep roofs. The roof is one reason they such curb appeal. One of the most unique characteristics of the home is the tall windows on the second story. These windows are usually arched on the top.

French Provincial Style Home ~ Design Build Planners (2)French Provincial Style Homes are still popular throughout the United States. You will find that they are popular in suburbs that were built between the World Wars. They are also popular in the newer suburbs that tend to have the most pricey homes. You usually won’t find a starter in the style of a French Provincial Home. These homes tend to be on the more expensive side of the market. You also have to think about heating and furnishing the house. The interior of the house wouldn’t look good with the cheapest furniture you can find. It is also a large house so you will have to add the high heating cost to your budget.

It is better to buy a home of this type that is new or already remodeled. Remodeling these homes can be pricey. If it has the original roof, you will more than likely have to replace it. If the wiring and plumbing haven’t been replaced you will also have to replace it. You might have an expensive renovation project if you buy an older French Provincial Style Home that hasn’t been remodeled. The maintenance of these homes can also be a little pricey. Many of the original homes have copper trim. I won’t recommend replacing the copper trim since it is part of the homes in this era, but it is a little pricey to maintain.

French Provincial Style Home ~ Design Build Planners (3)The daily maintenance of a French Provincial Style Home is more expensive than a modern home. These homes are more delicate than the modern homes that we are accustomed to. The maintenance and renovations will have to be done by a skilled craftsman and not just any contractor or you face the risk of damaging the structure of the home. The maintenance is necessary because there is very little you can do to this type of home. You will find it hard to modernize the house. It isn’t constructed to withstand the modern renovations. Most of the house will have to be remodeled to the original form to lessen the risk of damaging the home. This type of home will be right for you if you are wanting to preserve the home instead of gut and renovate it.


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