Free Help For Your Remodeling Project Design Build Planners are remodeling consumer advocates. DBP wants to help homeowners achieve a professional and pleasant remodeling experience. There are way too many common remodeling complaints from homeowners.

While there are several paid services that Design Build Planners provides for both remodelers and homeowners, here are three free offers for homeowners planning a remodeling project:

1) Contractor’s Proposal Review

  • the contractor
  • Check the scope of work for omissions or shortfalls
  • Evaluate the price(s) quoted with relation to the scope of work
  • Provide an impartial analysis and offer a series of questions to ask the contractor for clarification of areas in question or concern

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2) Free Design Ideas

For a limited time, Design Build Planners will offer free remodeling project design ideas through past design images and/or completed projects. Homeowners can send in a photo of an area of their home that they want remodeled and a brief description of what you are looking to do. DBP will post CAD images and/or photos of completed remodeling projects that have similarities to the their own planned renovation.

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3) Phone Consultation a FREE 15-Minute conversation with the Design Build Planners, Neil and Jason Parsons, to discuss your next project or any topic related to the remodeling industry.

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