Folding Patio Doors for Your Home

Folding Patio Doors for Your Home

Folding patio doors - Design Build Planners (1)Architecture and the varying styles used in folding patio doors have undergone a lot of change in the past few years. Some people prefer the traditional style while some prefer modern. Similarly, some people like to go with contemporary styles while some prefer classic styles. A lot of innovations have taken place in the field of folding patio doors and the changing lifestyles have also made a major impact on the styles that are chosen.

When considering patio door designs, there are a myriad choices available. These styles vary greatly on the basis of functionality, style, designs, patterns and many other factors. Every style has certain pros and cons that helps people to take a decision regarding the same.

Folding patio doors - Design Build Planners (2)The major styles that have caught the attention of the homeowners are sliding panels, French doors, slide and pivot doors, folding doors, and LaCatina Doors. All these styles have certain features that make them stand apart from the crowd. For instance, in slide and pivot doors, there are many individual glazed panels and all of them can fit perfectly and snugly with each other when closed. It is sufficient to open just a master door using the pivot action. This is quite convenient and can open smoothly without any problems. Since no hinges are present in these doors, there is no need for the side frame to be sturdy. Moreover, these doors also offer magnificent views with no distractions.

Folding patio doors - Design Build Planners (3)Another popular style that is gaining a lot of popularity these days is the LaCatina Doors. These doors can be considered as the leaders in designing, styling and manufacturing door systems that can be folded. These doors have been designed with a focus to develop and refine products that has ultimately offered comprehensive and an innovative range of folding doors. When these doors are used, they allow a feeling of open spaces which makes even a small space look larger. This door system has also come up with a multi-slide door system along with swing doors. These can easily be considered as the signature door profiles that meets the perfect requirements of the clients while offering a complete door package. These days, many homeowners, builders and architects are choosing this option over others and enjoying space innovation with extraordinary performance, quality, brand promise and value.

The designs available in these doors are highly appealing. They are available in multi-slide, folding and swing door range. Thus, for all kinds of openings, the perfect match is possible. Clean and minimal designs helps the panel stack in perfect alignment when opened. Low profile rails and narrow stiles also help in creating a perfect symmetry thereby allowing more glass and uninterrupted sunlight streaming in. From an aesthetic point of view, architects and builders appreciate them greatly.

The product range available in LaCatina Doors is quite comprehensive and the quality is simply amazing. The manufacturing practices are quite advanced and consistency and best quality is ensured through the quality assurance programs. This way, a perfect protection, as well as amazing looks can be enjoyed using these folding patio doors.

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