Floor Plans for Real Estate Listings

Have you ever looked at the interior photos of a home for sale online and been confused about room sizes and positioning? Have you ever visited a home for sale then afterwards wonder if your furniture and personal items will fit? Yes, many listing note the room sizes, but that only tells so much. Where are the doors and windows located? How big are the closets? How close are the bedrooms to each other and the hall bathroom?


Among the many services that Design Build Planners provides in New Jersey, they can create scaled floor plans for real estate listings so prospective home buyers can better understand and visualize the space. This service is available to homeowners and select realtors. Below are a few examples of actual plans from homes that are/were for sale. They are displayed on a graphed background where each square is 1’ x 1’ for easy reference and calculation for furniture placement plans.


On an exclusive basis for luxury home listings, upgraded full color dollhouse overviews are available. Presently, this service is only available directly for homeowners.


Pricing is as follows:

  • $0.10 per the square footage as noted in the real estate listing. E.G. 2-D floor plans for a 3,000 SF home would cost $300.
  • Garages are included free of charge.
  • Basements, if requested to be drawn as well and not included in the listed square footage, are an extra charge at the same rate.
  • Minimum fee is $200 even if the house size is below 2,000 SF.
  • Full color dollhouse plans are $0.25 per square foot.
  • All prices and available are subject to change
  • Design Build Planners reserves the right to decline this service offer for any house or individual without explanation.