Floating Shelves for Kitchen Remodeling

Floating Shelves for Kitchen Remodeling

SONY DSCWhen remodeling a kitchen, it is important to choose design elements that will not only add functionality to the space, but that will also look and feel at home in that space. Floating kitchen shelves are design element that fits this description.

When using floating shelves for a kitchen remodel, the advantages are that the shelves themselves are quite easy to install. The other features of this particular type of shelving is that it basically eliminates the need for cabinets and helps to add a modern, open, sleek look to your overall kitchen setup.

These shelves can be found in many different materials and colors so that regardless of your personal taste, there is sure to be an option for you. For the most part, however, the material will always be wood when making these shelves. In some cases, however, glass can also be used.

Floating shelves for your kitchen are a great way to open up the space, make it easy to spot what you need and they can make it extremely simple to grab what you need when you need it instead of having to search through a cabinet full of things just to find the one item you are looking for.

open floating shelves for kitchen remodeling - Design Build PlannersThis particular kitchen shelf design requires a certain level of organization to be successful. This entails that in order to take full advantage of this fantastic investment that you have made into your beloved kitchen, it’s important to have a place for everything in the room. When you have a system in place, it’ll be much easier to fit all of your plates, bowls, glasses and other dishes on these shelves instead of simply trying to pile them on and finding that they don’t fit in the given space.

For many families who have small children, or who may live in areas prone to earthquakes, this may not be the best option for their design needs as the children could potentially climb up and break pull something off, causing injury or breaking something that you care about.

When it comes to earthquake prone areas, such as many cities in California, it is important to take this factor into consideration and make a decision based off what would be best for your home. If you are sure that you want to use this particular style in your kitchen regardless of the risks of earthquake occurrences, one of the solutions would be to use the shelves for non-breakable items only or perhaps as a spice rack or for your boxed goods. This way when an earthquake hits, if something falls off, it will not break and will not cause total chaos in your kitchen. For this particular option, it may be wise to have one section of floating shelves alongside the rest of your cabinetry. In this way, you still have more than enough storage space for all of the breakable items as well.

The way that floating kitchen shelves work is by using hidden brackets on the back so that they can be drilled into the wall and you won’t have to look at hardware sticking out every time you walk by. It is also a good idea to do your research ahead of time when selecting this particular type of shelving system to make sure that the shelves you want will indeed fit in the space that you have.

In summary, when you go open-minded into a kitchen remodel and consider using these fantastic floating shelves, make sure you know what you want before you buy, and use the material that you love within your price point. With these tips, you are sure to truly enjoy the final results.

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