Floating Bathroom Vanity

floating vanity for bathroom remodeling - Design Build Planners (2)Floating Bathroom Vanity

When it comes to remodeling your home, and especially your bathroom, there are so many different options and designs to choose from that it can seem overwhelming. The floating bathroom vanity is one of the many options that you have to look at when considering how you want your bathroom to be.

As a more modern take on the traditional vanity, the floating bathroom vanity provides a spacious and open feel in your bathroom without taking up a lot of prime real estate. It also adds to the overall functionality of the space and is designed to make life easier when using the space by adding extra storage space without the extra bulk.

SONY DSCThe floating bathroom vanity provides the extra personal design touches, colors, and even shapes that are desired by the homeowner and is also quite affordable depending on the types of materials that are used to build it. This particular type of vanity is wall mounted so that there is space underneath it, hence the term “floating vanity”. It allows for everyone to have easy access and makes the whole bathroom feel more open. This is especially handy in cramped spaces, where every little detail counts.

For many, the floating bathroom vanity is the perfect option when accommodating someone who is in a wheelchair. This vanity provides wheelchair access simply through the way it’s constructed, and the height of the vanity can be adjusted at the time of installation so that the user may easily reach everything they need. It makes using the bathroom much more simplified for people with this particular situation.

In many modern homes, the floating bathroom vanity is used simply for its aesthetics. It provides a beautiful addition to any modern bathroom design and can be easily changed to fit into any color scheme. There are also ways that you can build your own floating vanity should you desire to do so.

The floating vanity is one of the most simplified, elegant elements of modern day bathroom design and can be made out of almost anything. From wood, to stone and glass, the options are almost endless when it comes time to pick out the predominant materials for this great bathroom element.

As far as modern day home owners are concerned, the floating vanity is a great way to help raise the value of a home without incurring a huge expense. Because there are so many buyers looking for a more open and spacious feel throughout the home, and especially in the bathroom, this is a great design element to take advantage of. It will also make the home more aesthetically pleasing to whoever is inhabiting the space.

In conclusion, the floating bathroom vanity is one of the most flexible and simplistic modern design elements to use in a spacious and open floor plan. From the different types of materials to the great functionality and value it adds to a home, it is one of the best vanities of our time.

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