Fireplace Equipment and Fireplace Decoration

Must-Have Pieces of Fireplace Equipment and Fireplace Decoration

fireplace ~ Design Build Planners (1)If you have friends who have just installed a fireplace in their homes, then you’re in luck – you have a gift list open for them for years to come. Seriously, the fireplace is such a big addition to a home, there is always something to do around it. People tend to focus on those decorative items that hang above the fireplace – which are central decorations of a room, and frequently they have some special value for the owner.

But there are so many more items that are practical, and yet they can be absolute works of art and can really add personality to any room. Here a quick list below (as a side note, the prices are starting prices for items that have some decorative value – not the simple functional item that you’d find in any store. Of course, the more intricate the decoration or sophisticated the material, the higher the price will go. Don’t be surprised to see an antique fire poker going for thousands of dollars.)

  • Decorative dustpan and brush set – $30
  • Fire screen – $100
  • Flame snuffer – $20
  • Work gloves – $20
  • Log holder – $50
  • Fire poker – $10
  • Matches / fire lighter holders – $20
  • Log basket – $30
  • Coal tongs – $20
  • Personalized kindling box – $50
  • Fire dogs – $75
  • Coal bucket – $30
  • Various scents and scented lighters – $10

With enough patience and a bit of skill at bargain hunting, you can even find all these items in matching sets, or you can create sets by adjusting them with various DIY projects.

By far the most expensive – and the most interesting – piece on the list is the fire screen, and it can make a very good present for a special occasion, such as a wedding.

fireplace ~ Design Build Planners (3)A fire screen can be purely decorative, but most of them also have the practical purpose of keeping the room shielded from direct heat, and preventing ambers from landing on the floor. Some people can’t live without them, some people prefer to watch the fire burning and use a fire screen only for decoration, when the fireplace is off.

fireplace ~ Design Build Planners (2)The main problem with the fire screen is that it’s a relatively big piece of decoration – and tends to set the tone for the entire room. That’s quite a big decision to make, so, if you’re buying a gift for somebody else, you should probably talk to that person and find out exactly what he or she wants, before you end up decorating their home entirely. Also, changing the fire screen every once in a while accents the room in completely new ways. Some homeowners have different screens for each season, or festive screens for Christmas and Easter, and so on. While, in theory, this is a good idea, it only works for those who have sufficient storage space, as this is precisely the type of item that gathers dust in the basement for years, and those painted in lively colors may even degrade to their point where they become unusable.


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