Finishing a Remodeling Design

Finishing a Remodeling Design

Finishing a Design-Design Build PlannersThis is a guest blog done by Kathi Fleck of LoneStar Property Solutions. You can read an interview she had previously done with Design Build Planners here.

“The meaning of ‘pulling it all together’ is different for everyone.” – Kathi Fleck, Renovate, Remodel…Relax!

Once all of the major elements of a design project are in place, it’s time to make the finishing touches. The details are inevitably what “sell” a design. Even if the project is yours to enjoy, the accessories, color schemes and other items of visual interest help make a space feel complete. What inevitably “pulls everything together” is different for every project, the personal tastes of the homeowner, and the style and context of the space.

Coordinating and Accessorizing

Design is all about finding elements that work lovely together. Whether it’s following a color scheme or with keeping with the age and style of the home, coordination is a major part of finishing off any home design. It goes beyond simply paint, considering how the color of the major furniture pieces will complement or contrast with the ceilings, floors, and walls.

Once you have a theme to the design, choosing accessories such as window treatments and pillows help make the space feel livable. Artwork can be a major design element, too, whether it be specifically chosen by the homeowner or suggested by the interior design team. Lighting is also a major aspect to accessorizing a room. While major lighting fixtures are typically installed during the build phase of a project, complementary pieces such as standing or table lamps can make quite a difference to the ambiance of a space.

Choosing Smaller Items That Make A Big Impact

“When I walk through homes and my clients ask for advice, I’ll make suggestions on smaller items that will make a big impact.” – Kathi Fleck

Beyond accessories, there are other items that further complete a design. Even something as little as a welcome mat or throw rug can make a space feel complete. In the kitchen, new diningware sets and even placemats help usher in the new and help to refresh and bring new life to the room. Eliminating anything old that doesn’t hold any special sentimental value is a very common part of the process.

One of the best things to do when finishing off a project is to be mindful of what budget may remain now that the major work has been accomplished. Looking for deals at local home goods stores can lead to some really inexpensive, yet useful finds. Anything that helps offer your newly remodeled room a good first impression should be considered if it doesn’t break the bank. But be careful to not get too carried away, as there is such a thing as over-designing. It’s okay to have a conversation piece or two, as long as it doesn’t distract from the major elements that make up your new room or rooms.

Whether your remodel is large or small, upgrading the cosmetic details of any room can make a major difference to both the function and fashion of the space. Whether it be bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, or anywhere in the home, the finishing touches can go a long way to refreshing your home and make it feel new again.

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