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Walk Into Your Home: How Do You Feel?

This blog about feng shui interior design is brought to you by Franca Giuliani, a member of the Design Build Planners team.

feng shui interior design - Design Build PlannersHave you ever noticed how you feel when you walk into your home? What do you see first? Do you say to yourself, “Ah … I’m home?” Or do you say, “Gosh! I really can’t stand that carpet.”

Our surroundings affect us more than we ever know. What we see and experience on a daily basis subconsciously creates our day, our year, and even our life. Think about it … if you wake up and see disorganization and clutter, then, you come home and see disorganization and clutter, can you imagine what your day was like? Also, if the first thing you see when you walk in is the kitchen table stacked with piles of bills would that give you a warm and fuzzy feeling? I don’t think so.

feng shui five elements - Design Build PlannersWe need to create an environment that makes us feel happy, inspired, grateful, and abundant …just to say the least. Therefore, it is so important to understand what is going on in our home. For instance, if things are constantly breaking, or if the paint is starting to peel, maybe it is time for some maintenance and a fresh coat of paint.  And, this could be also a great sign that maybe we need to do some maintenance in certain aspects in our life.

Whatever is happening in our space is happening within us. Or, whatever is happening within us is showing up in our space. Feng shui, the ancient Chinese system, can help people understand and listen to the voice of home. That then can be helpful to begin changes.

Franca Giuliani feng shui environmental advisor

Franca Giuliani

But regardless if you believe in feng shui interior design or not, the big message is this: If you don’t love your home, that’s affecting your life.

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