Farmhouse Sink for Your Kitchen Remodel

Farmhouse Sink for Your Kitchen Remodel

farmer style apron sink ~ Design Build Planners (1)If you’re doing a bit of remodeling, why not think about using a farmhouse sink for your kitchen? It’s the kind of question you should be asking yourself in the early stages of the remodeling, when you’re just planning things out, because the farmhouse sink requires a few adjustments – but it’s definitely worth the effort.

To begin with, it’s bigger than most regular sinks, which means you may have to order custom-made cabinets for proper fitting. Keep in mind that the sink is meant to be slightly longer than the surfaces around it – so as to make sure any dripping water goes on the floor, not on any wooden surface. Also, it’s meant to be slightly lower than the counters, to make it easier to wipe out any crumbs directly in the sink. If you don’t want that, you can find a model that’s just as tall and just as wide as the counters surrounding it.


When selecting a farmhouse sink for your kitchen, test it out and picture yourself doing the dishes – picture yourself doing the dishes the day after a housewarming party, when the dishwasher broke down. Do you think you’ll be comfortable using it? This is very important – because these sinks are deeper than regular models, they feel slightly differently, and may be uncomfortable to use for taller people, who have to bend lower.

Bigger Is Better

The farmhouse sink became popular in an era when everything was washed in the kitchen sink, including the pots and pans large enough to feed the entire community, all sorts of buckets and barrels, clothes, linen, most likely some small animals too. So they were practical, easy to use, easy to reach, and did not cause any back pain while in use.

Today, you may not need to wash half a dozen piglets in your kitchen sink, but that does not mean you should not enjoy the same advantages. If you have to do the dishes only once a week, it’s still better to do them in a large, comfortable sink, with plenty of space to move around and plenty of water to rinse off the most stubborn leftovers.

Materials and Colors

The traditional materials in which you can find a farmhouse sink for your kitchen are porcelain and fireclay. Porcelain tends to be a bit cheaper, but it also shows signs of wear and tear sooner, being prone in particular to chipping and discoloration spots caused by various leakages.

Of course, the recent comeback of the farmhouse sink means it’s now available in all sorts of materials and colors – so, if your kitchen design is somewhat more modern, there’s nothing to fear, you can find your favorite sink in stainless steel too. (Still, incorporating a farmhouse sink into a very futuristic kitchen would be quite a statement and not easy to accomplish.)

As far as the color is concerned, it’s worth keeping in mind that a white or pastel-colored sink will make you and your family more aware of the accumulation of grime. This has nothing do to with basic hygiene; of course you’ll be washing your sink no matter what color you choose, but white just invites spotless cleanliness, which is why it’s such a timeless classic.


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