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exterior composite trim - Design Build Planners (1)Composite materials date back thousands of years. A composite material is manmade. It is made is made of several different materials.. They have different chemical and physical properties. The bricks the Egyptians made are a great example of a composite material. There are many composite materials used by contractors. They are used for certain areas on a house as well as building bridges and boats. More advanced composite materials are used on airplanes and spacecraft.

Modern Use of Composite Materials

Azek is a big leader in composite materials. They specialize in several different materials that are manufactured for constructing your homes such as window trim and beadboard.

Most new houses or houses that are being renovated will have some composite materials in them. If you have siding put on your house, which feels like PVC it is a composite material. Much of the trim around homes and window trim is a composite material as well.

exterior composite trim - Design Build Planners (2)There are many reasons this material is being used more often. It requires little to no maintenance. If the composite window trim or beadboard gets dirty from the pollen or dirt, you can easily pressure wash it. It will look as good as new after every wash. It is also stronger than older materials. A composite material will last for your lifetime. It is more reliable as well as much cheaper than other materials available.

Many other materials have a small warranty and the warranty runs out a little before you have to change the content. Composite Molding and Trim comes with a twenty-five-year guarantee. The materials from Azek will last much longer than the warranty covers.

This molding and trim are excellent for any weather conditions. Bugs such as termites will eat through the wood trim and molding or it will rot once it gets wet. Bugs won’t harm this material since it is a PVC.

exterior composite trim - Design Build Planners (3)After you get trim or siding put on your house, you will usually have paint it with a protection then paint it another color if you don’t want the natural wood color. Molding and trim from Azek come in white only but painting it with a protective coat isn’t required.

Do you have a place in your home that is hard to put molding or trim on because of the shape? Of course, you probably do. The products from Azek come in sheets, but it can be heated and curved into the shape you need. This will make it easier for you to apply it to your home.

exterior composite trim - Design Build Planners (4)You can purchase this type of material even if you don’t have time to do the work that instant. This material can come in contact with the ground for longer than it will take you to install it. The good part is that the material can be washed to look new once you install it. The installation can be done with traditional tools, unlike many other materials that require special tools.


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