Exposed Ceiling Beams

Redoing Your Ceiling with Exposed Ceiling Beams

Ceiling with Exposed Beams (1)-Design Build PlannersStop reading for just a second and take a glance up at your ceiling. You would have probably noticed that the ceiling is a rather flat surface. However, imagine a hole in your ceiling. If that hole was actually there, you would probably not be able to stand looking at it because you would be able to see everything that is hidden between the roof and the ceiling including the ceiling beams. But, have you ever considered having a ceiling design that consisted partly or solely of exposed ceiling beams? Exposed ceiling beams are becoming a popular trend throughout many homes because of its creative design element and interesting look. Keep reading for more information on exposed ceiling beams.

Exposed ceiling beams are becoming more and more popular because there are more design and lighting options available for those who decide to use the exposed beams for their ceiling. Using exposed ceiling beams can bring many different looks to your home including traditional, modern, historical, and rustic. There are also different kinds of exposed beams that can be used, including collar ties, vaulted ceilings, and faux beams.

Exposed collar ties

Exposed Celing Beams ~ Design Build PlannersExposed collar ties are also associated with exposed ceiling beams. Collar ties are another part of the ceiling that helps to increase the strength of the roof. They are the structural part of the roof that keeps the roof rafters from spreading apart from each other and causing the ceiling to collapse. When a ceiling is designed by using exposed collar ties, the collar ties are usually made of either groups two solid beams coupled together or of a series of one large solid beam that are sheathed in some sort of wood finishing material.

Faux beams

Faux beams are another creative and interesting way to design your ceiling. But, creative and interesting are just two of the great benefits of using faux beams. Faux beams will give you the sophistication of having wood ceilings without having to pay the expensive cost of wooden beams. Not only are the beams inexpensive, but they are also light in weight. There are a large variety of faux beams that you can purchase to suite your preferred style. Just like there are many kinds of woods available, so are there many choices in wood designs that you can choose from each having their own special creative element.

Vaulted ceilings

A vaulted ceiling is a beautiful option that will add a special look of sophistication to your home. The design of a vaulted ceiling dates back to early B.C. years and is still one of the top choices for ceiling designs in large homes. There are different types of vaulted ceilings that you can choose from. This type of ceiling also involves the use of exposed beams that can be design in a barrel shape, conical shape, or even more complex shapes to add a creative complexity to your home.

Exposed ceiling beams are a great idea for designing your ceiling. If you are looking for a fresh way to redo your ceiling, choose any option of exposed ceiling beams.


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