Exposed Brick Walls in Interior Design

exposed brick walls in remodeling projects - Design Build Planners (1)Exposed Brick Walls in Interior Design

Tiles in the kitchen are a commonplace occurrence. Exposed bricks are not. Wood paneling in bedrooms is a normal option. Exposed bricks are not. Even wallpaper, albeit not the classiest of options in a Martha Stewart-esque home, is a regular sight. Exposed bricks are not.

What is the point here, exactly? People don’t think of exposed bricks, right of the bat, when they think of renovating their room or house or their café or etc. Or even their second thought, admittedly. Or even on their list of what to think about. Except I must now make you ask: why? Why is exposed bricking not a popular option, when it is one of the classier, not to mention sturdier, options? Exposed brick walls in interior design are becoming a trend as of late. They’re stylish, they’re different, and they definitely make a statement. Here are some ideas of where to incorporate this decorative design in your home.

The kitchen. Forget the boring tiles. Everyone has them. Think bricks; exposed bricks, to be exact. They can look great as a backsplash for your stove, and it is a nice cohesive glue between wooden cabinetry and modern appliances. Without the bricks to tie them together, you just have the past and future, separated in one room. Tie them with a little taste of the in-trend present.

Here is the obvious option: the mantle. Don’t settle for a painted-over or overpopulated mantle. Let the bricks be the decorations in the room. You don’t need anything beside a nice, flat screen TV hung up on that exposed brick mantle. And unlike wooden walling, a brick fireplace and mantle is very strong to hold up the weight of the television. And with the exposed bricks being as beautiful in their entirety as they are, why would you cover them up in an unseemly paint?

It’s hard to be the trend setter in your group. But I believe you can show your family and friends the light. Introduce the in-style exposed brick feature to them, and to your house. The least amount of work needs to be put into the installation of exposed brick designs, and it is one of the more long lasting and sturdier options.

Take the leap and make the right choice during your renovation. Whether it’s in a quaint café, or a hotel lobby room, or hopefully in your home, install exposed brick walls to elevate your place to a new level. The possibilities of installation for this feature are endless.


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