Exposed Beams in Remodeling Projects

Exposed ceiling beams are sometimes requested in remodeling projects to create an industrial look. It is more common in basements where covering the ceiling evenly can be problematic because of ducts and pipes. However, homeowners are now requesting for the main living space and kitchens as well. It can be done as raw or stained wood, painted white or black.

While a lot of clients will explore vaulting their ceiling to give it some three dimensional pop, this is a costly option. Many are now trying to achieve a similar effect by using exposed ceiling beams; the look certainly satisfies those who have a taste for the rustic style. Exposed beams work great in tandem with chandeliers and pendents to really highlight and make a space pop.

This is a simple to achieve way to really add a lot of depth, character, and uniqueness to a home. Check out some pictures of exposed ceiling beams below!














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