Entry Lockset Technology

Entry Lockset Technology

Safe Zone messageThe developments in technology have completely revolutionized many sectors of business and domestic life. It is therefore not a surprise to find out that technology has now ventured into the security business, equipping us with innovative solutions that will make it harder for unauthorized people to gain access into our homes and offices. There are many mobile based applications that have configured your keypad lock to only open once your biometric information has been processed by the app and a positive identification made.

Other technologies have come up with a thumb print lock that will only open once it reads and scans your fingerprint and cross references it with the thumb prints stored in its database. What are these new security solutions are doing is giving us more control over who can access our private residences.  This also applies to commercial institutions, where security is also paramount. Terrorist attacks and other criminal activities are bound to receive a mortal blow once these key and lock technologies become mainstream and are adopted by the masses.

The following are the advantages that you will enjoy once you have a multipoint lock that has biometric sensor capabilities:

1)      Heightened security

As alluded to above, having a lock that only responds and opens when a person with the right biometric details is present is a big boost to security operations. Smartphone applications are now available that will allow you to grant someone access by giving them a digital pass code or key that can be accepted for a few hours or days, depending on how long you want them to stay.

By limiting the people who can come into your house, you will make it almost impossible for burglars and unwanted people from making off with valuables that you have worked very hard for.

2)      Convenience

Having a lock that only uses your thumb print to unlock can be very convenient. This is due to the fact that you will no longer have to deal with misplaced or lost keys ever again. All you will need to access your house is a simple thumb print. Seeing that it is very difficult (read impossible) to forget your thumb at work or inside the house when you leave, accessing your home will be quicker and easier. This will save a lot of time and end up increasing your productivity.

3)      You will get a chance to audit visitors

This lock and key technology is also beneficial as it gives the owner of a building the opportunity to have a clear record of all the people that have had access to the building within a single time span. This is especially important in commercial buildings that have sensitive information or products that they are dealing with. By having accurate logs of the people who have gained access to the building every day, it will be easy to know who is to blame in case anything bad happens inside.

As time goes on and the lock and key technology becomes widely accepted, you can expect millions of people to bask in the convenience and heightened security offered by these biometric locksets.

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