Entry Doors

ProVia logo A3One commonly neglected area of remodeling projects in the entry door. The entry door is your introduction to the house. The door is responsible for giving people their final impression before entering your home. One extremely attractive option is ProVia Fiberglass Entry Doors. On the DBP site, you can read about secret doors and folding patio doors.

ProVia’s doors are available in various heights and width; in 1/8-inch increments. The line oif fiberglass entry doors features both strong hardwood stiles and rails dovetailed at each corner. There are a myriad of styles available. ProVia’s doors are professional class, hard-stained and tremendously customizable. The professional-class doors are hand-stained and customizable with different styles, colors, and finishes on each side. Cherry, Mahogany, Fir, and Oak are the finishes that are offered. The DuraFuse finishing system that is offered features P3 Fusion. This allows Pro Via to offer  a 10-year finish warranty.

Below are a few entry door pictures.

Door (4)   Door (7)   Door (5)

Door (1)   Door (8)   Door (6)

Entry Door lock options can be found in the DBP Home Shopping Store.

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