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AnnahMarie of Organic Gurlz Gardens Fort Wayne, IndianaHi There, Fellow Gardeners!

This is AnnahMarie.

Today, Organic Gurlz Gardens of Indiana will be sharing information on Eco-friendly Arts and Crafts for the Home.

Arts and Crafts are fun – but what if they could be eco-friendly? Today, Organic Gurlz Gardens is here to share some ways you can enjoy eco-friendly entertainment.

Eco-friendly arts and crafts - pet rockPets rocks:

Besides being wonderful plant labels, pet rocks can be awesome eco-supportive craft projects!

So grab your paint brushes, it’s time to add a few cool ‘family members’ to your home – and garden!

**We at Organic Gurlz Gardens suggest using a more Earth-based paint (such as water colors) for organic reasons. **

Tree bark canvas:

Who needs paper? Flat pieces of tree bark can be used as a wonderful natural canvas to fulfill your artistic desires.

Tree bark is a great eco-friendly way to paint or draw a beautiful masterpiece. Just use the side of the bark that is facing towards the tree.

**Tip from Organic Gurlz Gardens – if you are looking to bring the finished artwork inside to hang as a work, rinse off the bark for about 20 seconds before you even lift your paintbrushes. After all, you don’t want any ants patrolling the kitchen! **

Speaking of wood, check out the next segment for more interesting information.

Wood carvings:

Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh wood?

Carving twigs into knives, forks, and spoons can be used as interesting décor for a log cabin (or actually can be used as utensils on a family camping trip!)

For logs:

Carving is well heard of, but it still is a neat way to have fun with the environment!

Bear figurines? Of course! And don’t forget those carrot figurines! Oh! And shovel figurines and, well, I maybe be getting carried away here.

wine cork ornamentsCorks:

Using corks from old wine bottles can be reused as Christmas tree ornaments. A toothpick can be place in the center of one and used as an extra-large serving pick. Also, the cork head makes a great place for storing all of your sewing needles and pins.

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