Drone Photography and Video for Real Estate Listings

On this post, we discussed how drones photography can be helpful in the roofing industry. But drones are also very helpful with real estate! With drone photography and video, realtors and potential buyers are able to see a panoramic view of the outside of the home.

Regular photos taken from the ground level do not always give the best depiction of the area.

Marketing a home for sale effectively is the most important thing a real estate agent can do. Almost every buyer begins searching for a home online. Along with professional photography, drones allow me to show off gorgeous exteriors, highlighting details and the home’s property that may not otherwise be appreciated in still photography.


The following video showcases how drone photography and video can be used to make a home stand out and seem more dynamic than ordinary pictures would.

Below are a few images that were taken by John Hogan of Blue Nail using drone technology for a home in Manalapan, NJ.












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