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Kitchen Design Trends With Staying Power

This is a guest blog done by Kathi Fleck of LoneStar Property Solutions.

“The most important aspect for remodeling your home is to have the look and feel that works best for you.” – Kathi Fleck, Renovate, Remodel… Relax!

As the adage goes, what’s old becomes new again. This is especially true with home design. After many years of chrome, stainless, and brushed nickel reigning supreme, gold and brass are making a comeback…and in a huge way. While stainless, chrome and brushed nickel continue to be popular, homeowners are now incorporating brass and gold-tone accents into their kitchen remodel.

As John Hake of Kitchen Design Ideas eloquently wrote, “Gold is the color of the longest-lasting form of money around. It’s use in interior design represents spirituality, wealth, and ultimate beauty. A gold kitchen, or gold-accented kitchen, is positively divine. The color is an excellent choice for accenting warm-toned wood cabinets, and plays well against white, black, and deep red. With green, it can evoke a fairy-tale feel. Because of its associations in nature, gold tends to remind us of peace, wealth, stability, grandeur, and purity.”

Gold & Brass Accents

According to Libby Hartman of Kalco Lighting, “Warmer hues are making a comeback not only in statement lighting but also in hardware, (such as) decorative knobs or kitchen faucets, in general. We’re not just seeing classic polished gold but rose gold, brushed gold, warmer platinum’s and pretty much everything in between. “Gold accents, or any other warm metal accent, be it brass or otherwise, can certainly add a touch of Great Gatsby-style glamour,” she said. “But, more importantly, I feel gold has a sophisticated edge that can fold in nicely with any decor style.”

Today’s kitchen makeover hardware and lighting accents offer a modern, sleek and sophisticated look. The finishes are subtler and not as shiny and harsh from the brass and gold in the past. Hardware, fixtures, knobs come in many different angles and shapes and are a huge contrast from the traditional use of gold and brass from the 80s and 90s.

Another innovative way to incorporate gold accents into your kitchen remodel are back splashes. Gold-accented back splashes add beauty, shine and pizazz to your kitchen makeover. Back splashes come in a variety of materials, including glass or a combination of stone and glass mosaic tiles.

Mixing and Matching Metal Finishes in the Kitchen

Mixing and matching metal finishes is the way to go. Combining metal finishes is a great way to add interest and depth to your kitchen remodel. Think of the hardware and metal accents as the “jewelry” of the kitchen and don’t be afraid to “bling” it up. It is a nice way to update your kitchen without changing your cabinets.

kitchen remodel gold cabinet hardware
Gold Kitchen Cabinets
For those looking to make a bold statement in their kitchen makeover, gold kitchen cabinets might be something to consider. Traditional gold or gold-accented cabinets mix fashion with sophistication. Gold kitchen cabinets do require more care when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Knowing how to properly care for your kitchen remodel cabinet selection will ensure many years of enjoyment.

kitchen remodel gold cabinets
Gold Paint in Your Kitchen Remodel

The use of gold paint in the kitchen brings warmth into the kitchen and bring and make white kitchen cabinets pop or tie into tones used in a back splash or countertops.

Gold Lighting Fixtures

Light fixtures can make a bold statement or offer a subtle accent, depending on your selection. According to HGTV Design Star, Vern Yip, “The old way of thinking is you spend thousands of dollars on the crystal chandelier over the dining table, but lighting over the kitchen was practical,” he says. Now, there’s more emphasis on kitchen lighting “that doesn’t feel functional but has a really polished aesthetic quality.”

Brass and gold-toned accents on a kitchen island, combined with brass kitchen tools is another way to accentuate your kitchen remodel.

Kitchen remodel black wall
The possibilities of adding gold to the kitchen makeover are only limited to your imagination. Whether it is a coat of paint on the wall, a decorative back splash, lighting fixtures, hardware and knobs or simply accenting with accessories like a beautiful vase, bowl, or stools, gold is BACK in a big way! There is no right or wrong way to incorporate gold into your kitchen remodel. Gone are the days of matching metal finishes. Gold adds warmth, visual depth, bling, and timeless beauty to every kitchen makeover.

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