Do You Know Neil Parsons

Parsons Construction Clark NJIn the category of "It's a small world" Last week a Clark, New Jersey homeowner called a remodeler about getting some work done. The woman asked, "Do you know Neil Parsons?" The 25 year old remodeler answered, "Yes, I do!" She explained that Parsons Construction did work on her home almost 30 years ago. The moral of the story: In business it is important to build a brand. Be memorable, leave an impression, and hopefully, most often, it's a good impression. They don't all like me or endorse me, but that doesn't deter me from giving 100% effort 7 days a week, looking after the best interest of all of our clients. Last year, we were contacted by a Bound Brook homeowner to have one of the DBP Network remodelers rebuild his 100 year old front porch (pictured below). He said, "When I needed a remodeler, the only name that I trusted to even try to look up was Neil Parsons, whose company built my deck in Clark in 1987. I was glad to find him and Design Build Planners. They were a huge help!" Porch remodel in New Jersey - Design Build Planners

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