Dimmer Switch Options

Dimmer Switch Options

DimmerWith the advances that the human race has been making in technology, it should not come as a surprise to you that entire ways of doing things are being revolutionized and modernized. Electricity has been with the masses for many decades by now, and the whole process of lighting up a room or a house has not really changed in all that time. However, this is about to change. With the focus now being on saving energy and using eco-friendly materials to power up our homes, the ground has been prepared for new innovations to completely change the way we use light dimmer switches.

Sensors and central lighting technology have been incorporated into our daily lives, making it easy to walk into a room and see the lights go on without flipping any switch whatsoever. Dimmer switches have also been invented. These are switches that regulate the intensity of light in a room. For instance, the amount of light that you need in a dining room or kitchen is not the same amount of light that you want to have in your bedroom.

Children need to have dim light during the night so that they can sleep and still be assured of protection and safety from the scary figures in their nightmares. Popular examples of dimmer light switches include: Decora switches and Lutron switches. The good news with dimmer switches is that they are highly flexible and customizable. This means that you can have them made in such a way that they meet all your specific needs and requirements that other households might not have.

The following are some of the dimmer switch options that you can opt for:

1)      Operating the switch

There are many ways in which you can exert control over the dimmer. For example, you could control the switch by using a toggle, a paddle switch or even a single button. You could even use a rotary dial if you are up to the task. It is also possible to combine more than one method of controlling the switch in and around the house. The only thing that you have to note about having more features is that they will dramatically increase the cost of having a dimmer switch in the home.

2)      Working with sensors and central lighting technology

You also have the option of integrating the switches with a central lighting control hub that will be able to regulate the intensity of light in each and every room in the house. It will then be possible to have extremely bright light in the kitchen and dim light in all the bedrooms at the same time. In other cases, integrating the dimmers with biometric sensors can eliminate the need of having switches in the first place. This is due to the fact that biometric sensors will automatically detect your presence and light up the room according to preset instructions.

In the final analysis, the choices of using a multi-functional switch like Lutron switches or Decora switches will ultimately depend on your specific lighting needs in the home.

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