Digitally Integrated Appliances

Digitally Integrated Appliances

Digitally integrated appliances - Design Build Planners (1)Spring and early Autumn are your friends; when neither the need for the air conditioner nor the need for heating is present. The wind is cool or warm and brisk or languid. But the AC or heater need not be turned on, through the demonic thermostat. Come Summer or Winter and then you have to face the beast. *Pushes a button* wait, does “hold on” mean it’s done? Why is it blinking? The light turned off — is that a good sign?

But if we can have smart phones, smart TVs, surely we can have smart homes too. The home can be made just as easy to program through digitally integrated appliances.

If your home can sense the difference between the inside and outside environments, and automatically adjust for it, based on your specifications through an online profile, or some remote or such, then the hassle of turning the temperature up or down goes right out the window.

And on that same control panel is the setting for the light. You don’t have to get up to turn it up or down. And you can turn it to somewhere between “glaringly bright” and “off”. Gone are the days of feeling along the wall for the switch. Sorry horror movie villains, no more floundering around in the dark any more. These features mentioned are just the icing on the cake. So many features can be integrated to this one panel. Home security, appliances, etc.

No need to feel insecure with all these new home features being attached to one control panel. With a toggle lock/unlock, all features are under lock when the panel is locked.

Digitally integrated appliances offer a more aware and adapting home, that which is customized to you specifically. No more hassle in changing the setting for each separate house feature with the changing of the season, not when you can do it at once, all from your bed.

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