Designs for a Home in Africa

The client’s parents were planning to relocate and completely revamp a home in Africa. The client was referred to DBP by another homeowner who worked with us in the past. While the location isn’t typical, the DBP team is able to provide their design and development to clients ANYWHERE in the world. Thus, the Design Build Planners were hired to create designs for the home in Africa.

The homeowners had architect’s plans, but as is the case with many of our clients; they were having difficulty actually visualizing the massive project. You can find a post of DBP vs an Architect here. You will see our designs below, but here are a few images of what the architect provided the homeowners with.



The design options are a result of homeowners online research combined with multiple video meetings with Design Build Planners. There is also a proprietary profile checklist that homeowners fill out that depicts their lifestyle and room usage. After compiling this information, Design Build Planners incorporates their construction knowledge and design creativity for the space with a focus on the budget and overall investment.

Below are the final computer designs created by Jason Parsons, a Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler.











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