Design Tip: Counter Seating for TV Media Room

One design feature that the Design Build Planners are likely to mention at the design consultation? Counter seating, especially in front of a TV/media player. I

A bar height table or counter behind a couch or theater seats in a basement TV/media area offers a few advantages.

1. It creates additional seating and TV viewing at an elevated level without taking up much floor space.
2. It hides the back of the seating furniture from the rest of the basement.
3. It allows people to eat while watching the TV at a flat, easy to clean surface instead of on a couch.

DBP sometimes refers to this as “stadium seating”. It gives the feel of watching a game from the stands, or a movie from theater seating. It is something they have incorporated into their own personal kitchen and basement remodeling projects along with many for their clients. Below are a few examples.



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