Design Build Planners vs Architect for Remodeling

Design Build Planners - Finally, a better approach to remodelingShould you start with a New Jersey architect or Design Build Planners for your next home remodeling project? Here are some of the points to consider and compare.

Architects design and draw the plans before the project is accurately priced. Architects are paid in full before the remodelers begin quoting the planned project. construction documents and drawings are black and white, making visualization difficult. Reportedly, half of all the plans drawn for residential remodeling never get built due to the actual cost of project vs. the homeowner’s budget. Some of the items often not addressed that will escalate the project investment are: heating and air conditioning, remodeling and/or upgrading existing areas, patchwork, painting, debris removal, lead testing and remediation, dust protection…etc. In NJ, architect’s fees vary with the project size and complexity and typically range in cost from $5,000 to $20,000 plus. Architect’s fees are not refundable if the cost to build the design is over the budget.

Design Build Planners vs architect for remodelingDesign Build Planners staff designs and calculates prices in tandem to control the budget. The depictions are done in traditional, measured 2D floor plans. Additionally, dollhouse overviews and full-color, 3D renderings are provided for all to visualize their NJ home designs. The architect’s involvement is after design, scope, and budget are all finalized and agreed upon. The scope of work is clearly defined, eliminating hidden extras. The complete project can be quoted by any remodeler on a level platform. Projects designed and developed by Design Build Planners can be built by a DBP Preferred Remodeler within the budget!

The initial plan and budget meeting centers around introductions and project preview. A general scope of work and investment budget range are agreed upon.

The next logical step is to design the space. The scope now gets a visual depiction that aligns with the investment ranges. Armed with the vast DBP information, a homeowner will be able to make highly educated decisions about their project, interior designer, and remodeler while saving both time and money.

What is included with a typical design build remodeling project planning package from Design Build Planners?

  • Recreate the existing space
  • Up to three versions of the project
  • Detailed floor plans
  • 3D, color overviews
  • Realistic interior and exterior elevation views
  • Full scope of work listed over 47 distinct categories
  • Itemized pricing per category and project phase
  • Allowance amounts for showroom selection items
  • Plus and minus options for various items and tasks
  • Calendar view of pre-production and project durations
  • Related product and industry information


Design Build Planners arrow CLICK HERE to view a slide show illustrating this project design and development process. The package price list is at the bottom of the slide show page.

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