Design Build Planners Plans to Go National

Design Build Planners USADesign Build Planners has proven to be a popular and successful business in New Jersey. Homeowners rave about the process with their reviews. Remodelers and contractors benefit from the projects created as well as the business guidance and operating models for sales, marketing, and production. Manufacturers and distributors appreciate the professionalism and project organization brought to their showrooms.

FINALLY…a smarter approach to new construction and home remodeling! 

The next step? Go national! We are currently working on a plan to create a national network: Design Build Planners USA.

Design Build Planners offers a unique, pre-construction project profile analysis, budget, design, and development process directly for homeowners. Projects of any size or type can be discussed, reviewed, and fully analyzed. This system provides all parties with vital information for the project early in the process, prior to the final decisions and the start of the renovation.The services provided by DBP help homeowners choose the right remodeler to build the best project, with great value and savings.

Presently we are looking to speak with the following companies and people for possible involvement and/or association:

    • remodeling and building material manufacturers and distributors (NJ and national)
    • national service providers to the remodeling and building industry
    • “angel lenders” that will ultimately have the first opportunities to be investors in DBP-USA
    • those interested in becoming a DBP owner outside of NJ (available at some point in 2017)

Who is best suited to become a licensed DBP owner outside of New Jersey?

  • someone with sales experience and proven success
  • someone with general construction knowledge
  • someone capable of designing a project with CAD software (Chief Architect suggested)
  • someone that wants to own their own business in the remodeling industry but does not want to deal with the trials and tribulations of the field construction and crews


CLICK HERE to listen to the Remodelers on the Rise podcast interview with Neil Parsons talking about the Design Build Planners business model

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