Design Build Planners logo

Below are new logo options for Design Build Planners

Without New Jersey and black background:

Design Build PlannersWith New Jersey and black background:

Design Build Planners New JerseyWithout New Jersey and no background:

Design Build Planners no background copy

Change the Design Build Planners font to green:

Design Build Planners GREEN DBP

With New Jersey and no background:

Design Build Planners New Jersey no background

With USA and black background:

Design Build Planners USAWith USA and no background:

Design Build Planners USA no background

7 thoughts on “Design Build Planners logo

  1. Joanne

    Black is harsh. On the other hand, the gold, yellow green of Design Build Planners is not as distinct. It reminds me of a highlighter color. Instead of incorporating black background, consider changing the color of company name. Of course, I’m partial to green. New Jersey versus USA, depends on the image you are promoting. Not sure if either are crucial though. Company’s presence will speak to its locality.

  2. Patty Kelly

    Okay, Neil…. I am approaching this as an artist, by trade.
    While yellow and green ( alone) are a little weak for advertising, the black totally POPS them. I like the second black one. If your work is limited to NJ, you should give that information. However, your “New Jersey” needs to be changed.
    Have you tried switching the yellow / green….then keeping “nj” in place only changing the color to yellow, and use a smaller font.
    Do you work in NY? You could put one state in each corner. But it needs to stay streamlined.
    Not sure what you’ll be using this for but I see no reason for USA.
    I would definitely keep the black background. It’s many steps above white. You want to show that you are upscale and work out of the box.
    Looking good!!

    1. Neil Parsons Post author

      Thank you, Patty! The logo for this site will not have New Jersey or USA. That is in place for the national franchising to be rolled out in 2015

  3. Gennine DeMarco

    Congratulations on taking the step to evolve your logo, we’re entertaining that idea as well, but it is a big undertaking! As far as my opinion on your options… I don’t care for the NJ or USA, I think it takes away from reading your company name- I automatically looked at that first and your name secondary. As far as the colors, I like both the white and black backgrounds but I prefer the white. However in the white I only like the green lettering on the company name, I think the yellow is not easily readable. Good Luck with your decision!

    1. Neil Parsons Post author

      Thank you, Gennine. I actually agree with all you said! The USA and New Jersey place holders are the franchise expansion we have in the works.

      1. Gennine DeMarco

        For Franchise identifications that makes sense. With that in mind, I like the white background green company lettering and maybe New Jersey in black.


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