Decorating and Preparing for a Halloween Party

Decorating and Preparing for a Halloween Party

PumpkinHalloween is quickly approaching and you may wonder how to make sure your party is spectacular. Second to Christmas, Halloween is the most popular holiday for Americans to decorate their homes. Some simple changes to your home’s interior can give the perfect eerie atmosphere for Halloween. Many of these looks you can even keep throughout the year for a modern look.

Use of the Color Black

One simple way to add a spooky and stylish touch is to go with the ever popular black color scheme. You can buy or make your own covers for your furniture or if you would like to go all out you can even spray paint your wooden furniture. You can also use the contrast of black and white for a dramatic look with black stenciling on a white wall of dead trees, ravens, haunted houses, or even Gothic towers.

Halloween Party (2)-Design Build PlannersYou can also add textured black furniture or accents such as cast iron crafted into elegant Victorian or Gothic shapes. If you would like to have a more elegant look, decorate with black or deep red crushed velvet curtains that you can use in front of your windows or as wall accents.  This is a great way to have a more mature yet still spooky adult party. You can have a more fun feel to your party with fake spider webs on your curtains and furniture.


Candles are a cheap and easy way to add a creepy feel to your party. Available in multiple colors, you can use the candles to set any kind of mood that you wish whether that be dark and sexy or fun and light hearted. The candles would be great for the atmosphere of a Dracula castle, haunted house, or monster movie themed party. A great trick to incorporate candles in a sophisticated and spooky way would to be to use the tall candle sticks that are a common fixture in medieval castles.

Dead Things

SkullAn easy way to add a spooky feel to your Halloween decor is to make wreaths out of dead plants or dry sticks. You can use dark feathers or dark berries along with the wreaths to hang on your walls or in your home. You can also make some decorative use of all those leaves that are taking over your yard every year and spray paint them traditional Halloween colors like lime green, purple, dark red, black and white.

Skulls are also a very popular decoration around Halloween. You can use these skulls to adorn your porch, or your tables. Skulls come in multiple colors and can even serve the function of cups or serving bowls to go along with your theme.

 Snacks and Drinks

You can find many ideas for spooky snacks from magazines, the internet, and books.

A familiar favorite are spider cookies which are a cute cookie or chocolate treat.

Chocolate Spiders Recipe:

A pack of Oreos

A bag Semi-sweet chocolate chips

A bag Mini Pretzel Sticks

  1. Put the semisweet chocolate chips in a microwave or a double broiler until melted
  2. Break 4 pretzel sticks in the Oreo cookie
  3. Dip the cookie in the melted chocolate making sure to get the all the “legs”
  4. Place the cookies on wax paper and wait for the chocolate to harden

If you have are having an adult party you can include classic drinks such as bloody marys, blood red sangria, pumpkin pie cocktail, and the Zombie.


Once you have picked out your costume and decorated your home for your party you are ready to have fun on Halloween night. Your friends are sure to fawn over your modern and spooky decoration scheme. If you would like some clean and modern black and white decorating ideas, check out the Evil Queen’s office and home from the popular ABC Show Once Upon A Time. Have a fun and safe time on this ghoulish night.

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