Deck Remodeling

Recently, the trend in deck remodeling has shifted to increased surface area. With more and more frequency, homeowners are yearning for deck that rivals their home’s square footage. Many larger homes are now being constructed with a multilevel deck for different functions like an outdoor kitchen or sun deck and spa. There are varying designs that are being implemented to accommodate for extra privacy and better lighting.  Deck Remodeling (7)

As with most remodeling trends, deck remodeling is becoming more and more “green” or energy efficient. One of the most popular and affordable sustainable materials is composite decking, which blends wood fiber and recycled plastic to create a highly durable, low-maintenance, beautiful product. In addition, low-energy and solar-powered lighting has replaced expensive energy-draining floodlights and natural gas appliances make cooking and heating outside very affordable. In 2014, deck remodel cost averages ranged from $10,000 to $40,000.

Featured below are some deck remodeling photos.

Deck Remodeling (1)   Deck Remodeling (2)   Deck Remodeling (3)

Deck Remodeling (4)   Deck Remodeling (5)   Deck Remodeling (6)

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