DBP New Jersey Remodeler Network Difference

Design Build Planners are highly selective as far as the companies they associate with for a remodeling or new construction project. Therefore to be eligible for the DBP New Jersey Preferred Remodeler Network there is an intense screening and vetting process. Above that, preferred remodelers must agree to uphold the DBP 10-point difference makers. Each of these important items goes a long way toward ensuring a professional, pleasant remodeling experience.

If you hire a DBP Preferred Network Remodeler to build your project you know up front that you are receiving VIP special treatment. This 10-point list was compiled from years of experience, thousands of projects and the understanding of what can proactively be done better to create a positive end result for all. Below are the ten points that make up the DBP NJ Preferred Remodeler Network difference.

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Even if you are not a Design Build Planners customer, or working with a DBP Preferred Remodeler this list should be insightful and helpful when trying to select a qualified remodeler that is best suited for you, your family, and your home. How many of these does YOUR remodeler offer?

  • On time remodeling project design consultation guarantee - Design Build PlannersGuaranteed on-time project completion – Remodeler agrees to have the project substantially complete by a designated date. If they fail to, by fault of their own, they will pay the homeowner $100 per day for each day late. An unwarranted, extended project duration is the most common homeowner complaint.
  • Direct Showroom Payments – Remodeler will allow the homeowner to select and pay directly, without mark up, for items that require a personal showroom visit. The homeowner will also be able to utilize the DBP trade discount for extra savings. These items include tile, cabinets, appliances, plumbing fixtures…etc.
  • Jobsite cleanliness – Remodelers agrees to utilize dust and floor protection where needed, provide a portable toilet for workers, and perform a regular pack up to keep the site safe and clean for family and pets.
  • Accurate Price Pledge – Remodeler agrees to perform the outlined work scope 100% for the original price quoted, without surprise extras. The only extras would be by homeowner request or unforeseen problems such as rotted wood, infestations, and contamination such as lead or asbestos…etc.
  • Unforeseen discount – If there are any unforeseen problems, the remodeler agrees to let the homeowner pay the third party service required directly, without mark up, for the best value. Remodeler will manage and coordinate the effort during the regular project’s production.
  • Price Match Guarantee – Remodeler will match any competitor’s price providing that the company has similar accreditation and business practices and the work scope and allowances are aligned.
  • DBP Special Discount – Remodeler agrees to provide DBP clients special pricing, lower than normal, based on the facts that DBP acquired the homeowner, directly provided the project design and development, and arranged for the project order with the remodeler. Plus, remodeler will further discount the DBP design and development fees paid by the homeowner.
  • Project Management – Remodeler will assign a field person to be responsible for the entire project and be a direct line of communication for the homeowner. This is done through a project manager, project leader, or lead carpenter system of management.
  • Progress Payment Schedule – Remodeler, for most projects, has a 13-part payment schedule that is aligned with project task milestones. This keeps the equity fair for both parties throughout the project’s duration.
  • Extended Guarantee – The state requires contractors to guarantee their work for a one year period. Knowing that many problems have the potential to arise after the first four seasons, in the second year, DBP remodelers guarantee the entire project for a period of two years.

On time remodeling project guarantee - Design Build Planners

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